About me - Kai M. Hermsen

About me - Kai M. Hermsen

I am an expert in cybersecurity, trust in digital technologies, coalition building and leadership within this space.

For technology to serve its purpose, trust in tech is a prerequisite. Hence, I craft trust in technology strategies that position organizations and products as trust leaders within their space. To achieve change, I formulate ambitious goals, build common ground for collaboration and roll up my sleeves to put them into practice based on humility, inclusiveness, and visionary leadership.

With twinds and all it´s partners, I actively drive the transition towards more digital trust, built on trustworthy (disposable) digital identities. At Identity Valley, I have pioneered work on a more responsible digital space. This included systemic change as well as concrete implementation projects along the "Digital Responsibility Goals". At Siemens, I demonstrated in practice how to transform and build trust through leading the "Charter of Trust", a global initiative of 17 Fortune 500 companies collaborating to strengthen security of the digital space.

I make technical topics relatable through storytelling and sharing my expertise. I believe all people need to understand current digital topics and how they impact their lives, to enable trust in technology and good stewardship of our societies. I also love to engage in the conversation with other inspiring personalities and am fascinated by learning a bit more every day.

As a father of two, I am passionate about finding balance in life as the only way to fuel our best work and most rewarding personal lives.

Contact me if you want to talk about:
Trust in Tech | Cybersecurity | Leadership in digital working spaces | Combining family and work - mail@kaihermsen.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaihermsen/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HermsenKai